Is there a minimum number of cards per batch to avoid extra charges?

Absolutely not. Sometimes someone loses an ID card, and often there’s just one single new employee. We designed our service to meet exactly that requirement. Clients can print individual cards as necessary at the same cost as cards within larger batches. There is never a “small-batch” fee.

How durable are the ID cards?

The cards are made of PVC plastic, which – as most people trying to destroy old credit cards have noticed – is very hard to damage. These cards are much less susceptible to tears or rips that are common occurrences with laminated or standard paper ID cards. They are entirely waterproof so there is no need to worry about rain or coffee damage. They will last a very long time, much longer than laminated cards in a plastic pouch.

For clients requiring extended wear, we offer two options: (a) composite cards which withstand more wear-and-tear and temperature ranges, and (b) over-laminates, which add yet another layer of heat-sealed plastic.

How long will it take for me to get my ID cards?

Our service guarantees our customers with the fastest turnaround time in the industry. As long as you submit your card orders by 4 p.m. EST, we will print and ship out your ID cards on the very same day. This is true even if you require just one single card! Each time you order, you specify how we ship the cards to you. FedEx or UPS get your cards to you overnight, while USPS will take standard First Class mail postage time (generally 1-3 business days).

Can I order accessories like lanyards or clips with my cards?

We offer a wide range of standard accessories on our website, which you can also order with same-day shipping. Accessories are generally ordered in batches separate from the cards. We are also able to send out individual accessories with each badge, for a slight additional fee. And if our standard accessories don’t quite fit your needs, ask about our custom ordering service, allowing you for example to order lanyards printed with your company name.

Can you print on the “Prox” cards we use to get into our building?

Absolutely, we do this for hundreds of clients. You just send us your blank white card stock, which we store securely, ready to use whenever you place an order. Or, if you prefer, we can procure the prox cards for you. If you’re not sure about which card technology to choose, among the dozens available, just call us, as this is our specialty! And there is no extra charge for printing on your prox cards.

What print technology is used to make the cards?

There are several types of printing processes available for the printing of photo ID cards. The process used at InstantCard is the highest quality available on the market today, called thermal re-transfer. The high-definition (300 dpi) printing is transferred to a clear plastic film, which is then permanently bonded, using a high-temperature heat-sealing process, to the surface of the card. While more expensive, this method ensures the highest level of print quality. The bright, vibrant colors are particularly notable when compared to cards made with small, cheaper printers which use “DTC” (Direct-To-Card) technology.

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