Advanced ID Card Template Management for Multi-Site Corporations

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InstantCard has developed a full set of tools to allow our largest clients, those with hundreds of locations and thousands of employees, to manage a wide range of template needs and requirements.  Some of these features [...]

Announcing Automatic Email Confirmations of Card Orders

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A number of clients have requested that we send email confirmations whenever an order is successfully received by our system. These emails would allow them to be sure that their ID card order went through successfully [...]

Combining ID Badges with Time-Clock Systems

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Many companies track the hours of their employees through a time-clock system, whereby staff members "punch-in" upon arrival, and "punch-out" at the end of the day.  Did you know that it is extremely easy to combine [...]

How a Magnetic Stripe can enhance your Photo ID Cards

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Everyone is familiar with the “magstripe” card, because that is the technology you’re using when you “swipe” your debit or credit card at the cash register to make a purchase.  Cards with a magnetic stripe [...]

The Rapidly-Evolving Nature of Corporate Organization

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If you ask many of today’s business executives, you’ll find that there’s a serious problem with legacy business models and hierarchical structures.  They tend to be moribund and slow-moving, at a time when businesses are forced [...]

Criteria for Choosing your Online ID Card Supplier

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The most important consideration in choosing your ID card supplier is, of course, matching the service offered to your organisation's exact requirements.  When evaluating potential service providers, you need to look carefully at the details of [...]

For companies that require extra-durable ID cards

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Some employees work in tough conditions, and as a result their photo id cards need to be able to withstand a lot more abuse than the typical office workers' badge.  Examples include construction, mining, street maintenance, [...]