The End of Signatures on ID Cards is near . . .

A significant number of our clients still request signature strips on their ID and membership cards, since they perceive that this enhances the security and authenticity of the card.  Of course, we provide cards exactly the [...]

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Designer Tip: Ghosted Images

When you hear about ghosted images in relation to designs one might instantly think of watermarks. With ID cards this is not the case. When an ID has a photo of an employee on it you [...]

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Global Card Market Still Showing Continued Strong Growth

Many people ask us whether we worry about ID cards being replaced by mobile apps?   Our answer is: "maybe, but not for a long, long time".  While there are some situations where a mobile app has [...]

A Full-Fledged ID Card Service

It's time to clear the air, to be frank about what it is we do here at InstantCard. I know many of you think we're ID card printers. And, admittedly, we probably encouraged that misconception. [...]

The Big IDea: ID Card Dimensions

Most of our clients make use of our free template design. But, from time to time we have clients who want to provide their own designs. This is no problem, of course. But, creating [...]

ID Cards for Marijuana Dispensaries

All cards are designed for free, shipped same-day, and ordered online. An increasing number of states have Medical Marijuana laws. And, many of these laws include strict guidelines for IDs for patients. However, producing [...]

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